Beyond that bling.

With a cluster of  innkeepers sending in invitations for an ‘hunky-dory’ party on a Saturday night, you are as befuddled as a toddler over which candy to pick. All of them seem so scrumptious that you usually pick the one which is most talked about. And then you are there beyond the shadow of doubt, promulgating your immodest, captivating dress. Promenading in your highest heels, only to bewail about how they battered your feet later. Footed on a dandy floor, with striking lights, gratifying trance reaching your ears and people adorned in voguish attires. What may seem as the THE event, may just not be good enough to keep you engrossed without a few drinks.

The reason being, it’s void as space beyond the bling and hype, it created. When people are enclosed than being interactive.More photos being clicked for followers on instagram on how much fun they had than, having fun for real. Trying to be “cool” than being effortlessly fun. Building a wall rather than coming out as yourself. And I’m not even going to pen in those jerks who go about ‘acting’ black out drunk in a few drinks. So, although from a picture frame afar it may seem like the most joyous place to be. It may be nothing but a bunch of umber-ed moments wrapped in Christmas gift wrap.


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