Black is the new black?


Thousand of connotations already latched onto this colour, I love the one affiliated with Vogue. Vogue, India’s 6th anniversary issue picks up a theme that not only would you be delighted to read but give a pensive thought to. Expertise of adroitness behind this theme is commendable. Artless at the the summit, this subject winds you in a web of graceful augmentations.

From a vehement Frieda Pinto cover picture to comprehending crackerjack designer’s corelation with the colour black. I love how there’s also an insight by those designer’s who commonly be partial to leave the colour black out of their pallete. I would care to spell out one tantalizing statement by Tarun Tahiliani that engages the theme “Black is the infinite space, a carbon so dark that it won’t reflect the light and yet once the eye is accustomed to it, opens incredible possibilities in shape and form.”

Vogue, India brings in a rebellion to the popular belief that ‘you have to be bright to be bold.’ Independant from that articles on conventional totems and talismans, pericopes from people’s life who headstart when most of us call in for the day. Moshin Hamid’s dark mythicals, Lauren Beukes’ novel, Jim Jarmusch’s new movie all add a very scrumptious space to look for.

To clinch it all it is assuredly a magnimous issue.


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