Skinny me.

As soon as I utter, “I am on diet.” most of the people will assume it’s a diet plan for loosing those extra kilograms. Before I could enclose any more details they would come up with “How more thin you want to get?” or “Did you get hit by a bus?” But contrary to the popular belief, some of us need a diet to gain weight. I am not those mal-nourished, zero-sized female but yes I am underweight by 1 kg. 1 kg! courtesy my amazing metabolism. For all the right reasons I do not want fall into that category and so I am going to go on with a diet plan that will help me gain some decent pounds by which I can proudly cross that fine line.  It’s 25th of October already and I have just 10 days deadline at my disposal. To gain 1 kg may not be a task for someone who has a sum of 20 kgs extra in store already, but not in my case. What loosing 1 kg for most of those overweight mass of fats in the gym is, that same could be deciphered for skinny me gaining a kg.
For a person who’s not reckoned to stick to her plans, I hope this is an exception.


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