Kid me not.

Kids, are not my speciality. I take pleasure in breaking the shackles and being the woman who most of the womanhood sights to be offensive. I cringe my face at the sight of toddler who is waiting to break into fits of tears, just to see you go all ‘Joker’ in the process of calming him. And it just so happens that when you are already too annoyed with your job and everything… the universe goes like ” Hey, let’s test your patience!” With that bursts into the door, my aunt and HER TWO SMALL KIDS. On Sunday. ON A FREAKING SUNDAY.

I was there all the while watching her calm the younger one who kept crying her lungs out. I saw her yelling on continuous basis to her elder one who kept messing around my house. I was how the younger one had death-like tight grip of her hair while she was carrying her and the elder one kept pulling her dupatta wanting her attention. All I could do was sigh and pity at her miserableness. And then I did one thing I would have never done — I volunteered to babysit them so she could go out with my mom and be at peace for a while.

The younger and crankier of two was asleep to my relief. Now, what I had to do was to get the elder one out of the house so that he wouldn’t wake the younger one up by any of his mischief. I make my brother to take the elder to the nearby park and keep him engrossed. While the baby was asleep I was recollecting all the instructions that my aunt had given, in case things go out of hand. Just to ensure I had all the weapons ready, I went through the big kit of supplies. Just 5 mins later I hear the ring  of the doorbell. I swore to kill my brother for bringing back the older one early. To my surprise it was my mom and my aunt.

“How come you are back before you even left?” Inside I was just happy I didn’t need to handle the kid.

” The baby needs to be given her daily massage.” When did giving massage to the baby get more exciting than shopping?

“Why is it so important?” I couldn’t help but question her decision, which in all aspect to me, was strange.

” Massage is the touch of loving hands. It helps the baby overcome this feeling of vulnerability and exposure, and will contribute to a general feeling of being safe and nurtured. It also bring a whole range of physical benefits, such as helping early problems with the digestive system and easing congestion, and psychological benefits, such as calming babies who are agitated. For babies like her, it helps them cry less and also helps them in understanding how their different body parts connect. It has also helped me become more confident with handling my baby and better at recognising her needs.”

I was amused how this very traditional practice has so much inputs in the better growth and development of a child.

This post is a part of the ‘Traditional Knowledge and  Natural growth” Contest by Dabur Lal Tail  and


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