Elective selects.

Mark Twain had quoted, “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government when it deserves it.”

You’ve got to be a patient of pseudologia fantastica if you say you haven’t been influenced by the way, Indian politics is taking a roll. With nothing seemingly different in India’s position in the last five years, you may have wondered, if it’s Congress tyranny in the name of governance? Or if Mr. Modi who has materialized every promise in Gujarat could really bring the “ache din” or just communal differences? And then I acknowledge Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and think could a street rebellion be an efficient leader?
Just two days ahead of elections not only am I reconsidering every candidate but also the option of NOTA; the option gets scratched as soon as it pops on the list. Partly because it dismantles the whole objective of elections to swerve in a representation through public opinion. Partly so, because even if NOTA wins the party with second highest votes would be chosen. There would be no re-elections with new candidates. So NOTA by default is ‘NOT-A’ option. Unless you live in a bubble and look around through it’s delicate walls just to criticize the people and government. Even then shouldn’t you feel slight hitch in your conscience? Because if you don’t have an opinion to vote your government, how can you righteously have an opinion to criticize it?
Then I know people who support a party but will promptly go and vote for a candidate from another party. I suppose because they find that their constituencies are much larger than the country. And why not? After all the local MLA more is more accessible than Prime Minister himself. But then what about economy, infrastructure developments, FDI, fiscal policies and other issues? Answer to such questions is usually answered in “Uhh.. ummm…” or just changing the topic. So to conclude it all try putting a vote for a candidate. A candidate that makes sense of our country on the world map, rather than someone who is just bothered to make sense of its parties history in ruling our country.
Because… “Loyalty to the country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”


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