Place – A status symbol in Mumbai.

Mumbai. Herds of people across this country dream of coming into this city. Millions have already taken that train/flight. Battling the rush as they step out onto the city they are seen combating a simple question, “Tumhi kuthe rahtat? Where do you reside?” You may not realize but your answer will change the way we, Mumbaikars, look at you. You may no longer be in the comfort of reaching the city where dreams come true. What is so judgmental of that question, you may wonder? So c’mon let me lead you on to that mystery of no less than a Sherlock Holmes novel.  If you say you reside at Cuffe Parade, Peddar Road, Nepean Sea Road or Walkeshwar then you guys are the city jocks! But you probably don’t care because isn’t that already listed in Uber Obvious over and over?  People residing in between Marine Lines to Dadar probably can only see as far as Bandra in their snobbish shades. If you are a pregnant woman, someone with a hear disease or have blood pressure problems then please avoid asking them where do boundaries of Mumbai limit to. Talking about Bandra, if you happen to wander here, you will realize that this bunch of cool hipsters is as indifferent to southern dwellers as they’re ignorant to northern residents. People living in Santacruz, Vile Parle and Andheri repute themselves to be the most important as they ‘think’ they live in the ‘heart’ of the city. If only they were a bit vigilant in science class, they would know heart is not at the center of your body. People from Malad and Goregaon still play the “We’ve the coolest mall” card and Kandivali & Borivali residents are busy downcast-ing anyone beyond Borivali.  Meanwhile, in a 6:32 Ladies Special a lady will take pride in belonging from Bhayandar rather than Virar. For a split second you may even wonder, if Bhayandar is The Bishops Avenue of Mumbai?  And now that we’re done with Western side, I will dutifully take you to the flipside. The Central side. This is side’s unceasing endeavors for the city to acknowledge them as ‘townies’ are consequent to nothing but bootless, counterproductive results. As far as people residing in Kalyan, Dahanu, etc are concerned… I may first need to do whole write up to convince others that you guys are very much a part of Mumbai.  Oh, I blabbered so much but I completely forgot to ask you, “Where do YOU reside?”


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