Mapping Acnes.

If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing.


But timing’s a bitch. And you would know that the most by abrupt breakouts on your face. Although they’re not as abrupt as you’d think. Each of them has a particular pattern.

  1. The Constellations.

They’re all over the face and give an impression that you’re blushing when in real you’re fuming. They’ll transform into ugly blots if you apply make-up and you can never really the skeletons of it.

  1. Major Payne!

They’re the deep inflamed acne. One of which is worse than the constellations. Not allowed to touch, not able to hide and leaves you a gift even when they’re gone. These are real patient checkers!

  1. Doom

These appear on the chin making the face look a bit elongated in the process. It may be so that your entire happy mood may go on a hike but downwards.

  1. The Marilyn

It gives you vibe that they look nice with that red mole but when you stand in front of the mirror and thinking, “Well, it could be worse, my face could be- nope, nope, this is the worst it could possibly get!”

  1. The third eye

They will breakout right in the middle of your forehead. It’s not only in fancy dress that you can get being Lord Shiva; acnes give you a real chance to be one!

  1. The Witch’s mole

It may so happen to you that the opposite person you’re speaking to has found a new interest on your face. No, they’re not your lips but the ugly red fellow sitting on the point of your nose. Hands down it is the worst one.

However, a lot of this can be solved by using a good face wash.


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