Sticking together!


New Years was on its way and as an ordinance to the most celebrated time of the year, one question effortlessly raised itself as soon as December dawned on us.

“What are you doing on the new years?”

With most of the friends working it gets difficult catch up with each other’s lives. There ample of party being held in city but going to one them meant being subjected to pushing, shoving and eating badly catered food. Two of our friends are now residing in a different city, with one doing a job and another completing her MBA. They had flown down home to spend the occasion with closed ones and hence it was very important to make it count. After some groundwork we booked ourselves with an organization that holds camping. It was at place next to Pune called Panshet. The next we knew was renting a car and setting of on our way to Panshet to welcome the new years!

10 of us cramped in the car for an odd amount of 10 hours. It took us longer to get there than the time we had thought but on landing at a beautiful picturesque view with battered asses and dried out enthusiasm had it’s own perks. The mighty mountains encircling a restorative river and frosty breeze with hot food had de-materialized all our exhaustion. With two friends totally nipped to photography, we were out exploring the less frequented ways while our camps were being set. And as the sun began to reach the horizon, camp fire was adjusted. We sat around the campfire playing Taboo. Playing board games gives you one those rush, that a glass of alcohol is incapable of doing. We were unaccountable for how soon the night bust in. And there we were dancing and singing and tripping around the campfire.

It was one of the times that brought the couple of friends back together. We lay there, that night, under the stars in the realm of nature and in comfort of each other’s company. The year had brought so much positive energy in our lives even before it was midnight. It brought so much enthusiasm and happiness to our otherwise conventional work life and monotonous routines that we looked like we charged for another year! And a journey of 10 hours back home was exultant.

It’s the days like these that helps you endure through tough days. Because if a year begins with travelling places, camping under stars and spending quality time with the people you can be most of your selves with, then I guess it’s going to be a year full of much awesomeness and optimism.

And it’s the company that matters. And the times when you stick #together that you are the most powerful!

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