First Innings.

Remember the much ado about your firsts? Well, it’s rightly deserved so. Every first experience guides you to your others. It’s a zero scale measure which will help you account for how good or bad you have got. Or how far you have come. We have been those lucky bunch of sick kids who have been able to witness a transition of age i.e. From industrial age to information age. The information age reaches a new high with every coming year and it’s difficult to catch your breath.   From those big telephones with circular dials to buttons and then to cordless & pagers. The big Nokia mobile handsets that could easily cover one side your face, were slowly squeezed to smartphones. The innovation of smartphones really impressed me.

The best thing that about a smartphone was Qwerty keypad. It meant no longer would I have to pass through G & H, to reach I. ‘I’ was easily accessible. Unfortunately, around the same time our dear friend ‘Mr. Text Message’ went from hale and hearty to potentially dead.

Kiss and tell? Bleh.

Touch and Swipe.

Everything and everyone was on the go. All the people I was friends with or once remotely knew, were soon a close knit circle of friends. And the classic three words that are music to any budding relationship – “I’ll call you.” were almost (ALMOST) replaced by “I’ll whatsapp you.”  Things have changed a lot from that day with the smartphones and here’s a list of few things which I still think a smartphone needs to pioneer in:

1. Contacts, photos and other requisites should be easily transferable while shifting phones.


3. A smartphone that’s smart enough to juggle various apps in any time. Most of these smartphones reach a saturation point and end up getting hanged.

4. 4G speed please!

5. Upgrade and update! Easy OS version upgrades and updates.



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