5 entrepreneurial skills I learned in Mumbai Locals

The city of Mumbai works on local trains that operate efficiently and to give you the facts it is spread over 465 kilometres, the suburban railway operates 2,342 train services and carries more than 7.5 million commuters daily. By annual ridership (2.64 billion), the Mumbai Suburban Railway is the busiest rapid transit system in the world. So the tag ‘lifeline’ is totally justified. The narrative versions of each commuter on mundane affairs are boundless. It could mean getting inspired by a 60 year old woman trying to subsidize life by earning a living beyond bare necessities or fret over swamped compartments. I have bounteous inwardness to give away and I choose to tell 5 entrepreneurial skills that I learned in the Mumbai locals.


Here are they:

1. Punctuality.

1 minute of delay to catch the train you commonly take, can cost you snide looks from your boss, a half day pay (maybe even overtime) and unnecessary stress. And to start your day with so much antagonism is something we all want to avoid. Hence, we try to reach on time or at least just in time to make sure we don’t miss the train.

2. Negotiate

Mumbai Locals will let you learn and use your negotiation skills synchronously. After all the squabble and bickering when you finally get in, it’s difficult to survive. It’s time to dust off your negotiation skills and put them to use by asking the fellow commuters when are they going to get down? So you can secure the seat after them.

3. There’s always place for more!

When you think your plate is full and you can’t squeeze any more tasks at hand, come check the infamous fourth seat of the train.

4. Get tough

There are 7.5 million commuters transmitting daily and to get in, in the span 40 seconds to one minute is not easy. You need to build a strong guard, make sure you climb in without someone pulling your hair or transforming your clothes in raggedly fashion. It just doesn’t end here you need to be tough to be able to stand steadily for under an hour because chances are you won’t get a seat till Dadar.

5. Charity

As a entrepreneur it is very important that you give back to the society. I see an act of kindness when a passenger wary from their day who probably looks more stale than a day old bread, offers his/her seat to the 40 year old who’s not only struggling the chaos of life but also fighting the inevitable debacle of their age.

It is crazy what these perilous, unstable, swamped 12 compartments hold for you.


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