Book review : Suzzane’s diary for Nicholas by James Patterson.


The book starts from the standpoint of Katie, who is a book editor in New York. She’s sour from her recent break up with Matt, the man she loves and a poet from Martha’s vineyard. Matt finds it difficult for Katie and him to be together but is unable to reason why so he leaves her a diary which would provide Katie a legit explanation. Matt looks like a playboy while Katie has been portrayed as someone hopelessly in love. However, as the story advances and narratives change, the blinds from characters unwrap. The book has some really good insights to give on finding the right person, balancing life, family, fresh starts and second chances in love. Patterson attempts for twists in storyline to surprise the readers, but doesn’t quite succeed at it. As a unmarried woman, I was not able to relate so much with Suzanne’s point of view which is prominent throughout the book and mainly addressing on motherhood. However, older men and women in that phase of life may devour upon it. At some points the story in the seems so sweet that it makes you believe the world must have been made of sunshine and rainbows instead of rocks and water. Despite some let downs the romance lunges the story forward and sends out a good word for Patterson.
Exactly what should you read the book for?
1. Read it for the story of five balls and how they help you set your priorities and balance life.
2. For if you are going through hangover from bad relationship and find yourself aloof from the possibility of another chance at love.
3. The importance of finding the right person for you in the journey of life.

Rating : 2.75/5

Stage struck.

Graduation is a screeching halt  to your carefree days. Once conferred a college degree , suddenly the world contemplates you to muster everything about your life. But only you are savvy of the topsy- turvy turns your mind is making. You are to be deficient to chalk up your course of life. Get real and start minting money. At least get yourself a decent job that will help your parents sleep peacefully at night. And without a pensive thought, you put yourself out there, in that big bad world. You would be embracing it with all you have.  Filp-flopping from being a grown up, rushing to work and dragging yourself back home, I think I was starting loose that sparkle in my eye. Before it was completely about to hang itself on the rope “grown-up whims” one phone call saves it. A phone call from my college. Asking me to come and  com-père for one of the important cultural event.

From an average student to being a students council member and com-pèrer  for amplitude of college events. From a remembered face to teachers and a customary personality in the canteen to just being a face behind a computer screen, is a tough journey. So when I was asked to com-père  again, I was more than happy to clasp it.  Reminiscence of bunking college, spending hours and hours in college to methodize for cultural fest, or just a simple cup of coffee from college canteen, sprung to life.

More than all of these, it was the feeling of getting back on stage. The contentedness under the yellow spots and stage sets. Perky sound of your voice ringing through the auditorium. The hustle-bustle behind the curtains to put up a good show. Enchantment of thunderclaps. It’s not the habit-forming savor of fame and popularity that jaunts up me up the stage, but the feeling of belonging to the mise-en-scene.

Beyond that bling.

With a cluster of  innkeepers sending in invitations for an ‘hunky-dory’ party on a Saturday night, you are as befuddled as a toddler over which candy to pick. All of them seem so scrumptious that you usually pick the one which is most talked about. And then you are there beyond the shadow of doubt, promulgating your immodest, captivating dress. Promenading in your highest heels, only to bewail about how they battered your feet later. Footed on a dandy floor, with striking lights, gratifying trance reaching your ears and people adorned in voguish attires. What may seem as the THE event, may just not be good enough to keep you engrossed without a few drinks.

The reason being, it’s void as space beyond the bling and hype, it created. When people are enclosed than being interactive.More photos being clicked for followers on instagram on how much fun they had than, having fun for real. Trying to be “cool” than being effortlessly fun. Building a wall rather than coming out as yourself. And I’m not even going to pen in those jerks who go about ‘acting’ black out drunk in a few drinks. So, although from a picture frame afar it may seem like the most joyous place to be. It may be nothing but a bunch of umber-ed moments wrapped in Christmas gift wrap.