Your Scars.




Entrall me with your demons

Let me trace your scars

Turn me around and absorb me in your darkness

For that’s the part of you I want to know.

Don’t kiss me goodbye 

Just let me lie; next to you. 

Don’t talk to me 

Just let me breathe in your trauma 

Look into my eyes 

Let me connect with your soul. 

Intertwine into my fingers 

and let me kiss you deep. 

Don’t shy out,

for your scars are the most beautiful thing known to me. 


Traveler’s Fervor.

They say when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.

London. This city has been exploited more than gazillion times in music videos, a heart wrenching romantic  film, being written about in some book that has the audacity to keep you up all night engrossed in its black prints. Or merely exploited in a friends facebook photo album. And still when you see some magazine with a piquant model standing around the backdrop of outlandish and fascinating aura of the city, you stop for a while and admire.

There is one city in this entire world that belongs to you. That you could spend your whole lifetime  in. That would confer upon you the warmth of feeling at home, of being safe even when you’re drenched in tears of a broken heart. A city where you could go around the town not knowing anyone yet feel sheltered. That’s because there’s something about the ethnology, the demeanor or the magnetism or the charismatic conduct of the city that consociates with you. If you have found that city yet, you exactly know what I’m saying. But, if you haven’t… I think it’s time you go and find yours.

London, is the city that I can connect to (after my home city – Mumbai that is). Not because of it’s edgy fashion, or  because it’s the sixth largest French city in the world, or because it’s the best tourist cliché in the world,  or because Johnny Depp shaved here.  Because it’s a living breathing, songbook. Where views come with thrill. Because, it has played a very inspiring  role in the career of my all time favorite sports personality– Roger Federer.   For all the above coherence and alchemistic soul connect, it’s the city of London  I’m in awe of. And getting my family to go around with me to the city where I think I would just fit in right would more than benedicite.